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Sandra Brillet

1st Grade B French Teacher

Meet Sandra, our dynamic 1st Grade French Teacher at the International School of OC. Sandra's journey in education began in 2011 when she earned her Master's degree in Education from Reims and passed the CRPE exam.

Lucky enough to be part of an exchange program, Sandra had the opportunity to practice teaching in Ryun Noranda, Quebec, Canada. This experience ignited her love for travel and sparked her interest in blending teaching with cultural exploration.

During her time at the Academy of Reims, Sandra taught students across different grades, including non-native French speakers. This experience led her to earn a DU FLE (French as a Foreign Language) diploma in 2015, further equipping her to support students learning French as a second language.

Heeding the call of travel once again, Sandra ventured to Cambodia in 2017 to teach French, spending two enriching years there. Her journey then took her to Shanghai, China, where she lived and taught from 2019 to the end of 2021.

Returning to France, she spent two years at the Academy of Toulouse before joining us here at the International School of OC in 2023.

Sandra's interests extend beyond the classroom. She is an avid traveler and theatre enthusiast. She enjoys staying active with badminton and hiking, and seeks out thrill in sensation sports. An avid reader, Sandra is always ready to dive into a good book.

In essence, Sandra is a passionate teacher with a zest for life and a constant desire to learn new things. Her diverse experiences and love for teaching make her an invaluable asset to our school.

Sandra Brillet
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