After-School Program


Our school prides itself on fulfilling the goal of educating and developing the whole person. We offer enriching extracurricular activities for all ages. 

Students have the opportunity to expand their learning by participating in classes spanning the spectrum from yoga to robotics.

You will find below the extracurricular activities that we are offering to our students this semester.

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Art Studio 

Taught by artist Nohad Sabbagh, this class lets students explore a large variety of art forms, from drawing to sewing, painting or sculpting. Students produce original works of art, such as acrylic paint canvases, colored pencil drawings, sculptures made of edible material, and clay.

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In this fun, hands-on cooking class offered in partnership with LIFT Enrichment, students cook authentic cuisine from different regions of the world while learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits. 



We have partnered with the Anaheim Hills Fencers Club for this class taught in French. It is designed to teach students the fundamentals of fencing and to help them polish and fine-tune their technique through games and fun activities.


Girls' Self Defense - A Comprehensive Approach

The focus of this class is not just on the physical side of martial arts, but it also covers important concepts such as healthy boundaries, communication, recognizing grooming and predatory behavior, consent, and more. Students will also be taught to defend themselves from physical attacks with effective, easy-to-remember moves.


Kung Fu

This class is offered in partnership with American Tiger Martial Arts & Fitness. Kung Fu is a style of martial arts that does not rely on size or strength but on practiced techniques so it is suitable for students of all sizes. 



Taught by international professional soccer player Georges Ba, our soccer program is meant for beginners and intermediate-level soccer players and focuses on the physical and technical aspects of the sport.


Race Cars and Machines in Motion

In this fun and educational class taught by Brain Builders, students will learn about race cars and what makes them go fast! Concepts taught include chassis construction, energy, gears, and basic electronics. Students will engineer projects such as wind- and rubber band-powered cars and motorized dragsters.



In this fun immersion program taught by our middle school Spanish teacher Andrea Coulson, students learn to converse in Spanish and often begin forming sentences after a few lessons. Students are introduced to language, culture, and traditions through multiple activities such as music, games, and crafts.



Our yoga classes are open to students from preschool through 2nd grade and include breathing exercises, yoga games, secret garden (a child-friendly form of meditation), and body awareness exercises.


Student Council

Our Student Council is generally composed of 15 to 20 students from 3rd through 8th grade. Open to any student, the Council meets once a week under the supervision and guidance of one of our faculty members. The Student Council's goal is to offer students a space where they can participate in the life of the campus, as well as be representatives of their fellow classmates to relay their voice to school administration. In doing so, students get acquainted with the fundamentals of the democratic process, as all decisions made by the Council are subject to a debate and vote.

The Student Council also organizes fun community-building events held on campus, such as Crazy Hair Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Chess Tournaments, and more. Through participation in the Council, students develop and hone their leadership and organizational skills.


Community Events

Since its opening in 1988, our campus has always set building a vibrant, thriving, and diverse community within Orange County as one of its main goals. The small size of our campus, along with an exceptionally warm and nurturing environment created over the years by our staff, faculty members, and several generations of families, has helped foster a very unique sense of community. 

We are proud to nurture this school culture by offering our community several opportunities to come together during special events throughout the year. 

Here is a list of some of the events that we celebrate:

  • Welcome Breakfast

  • Monthly Coffee Socials

  • Halloween Costume Parade & Carnival

  • Thanksgiving Potluck

  • Barnes & Noble Night Fundraiser

  • French Movie Nights

  • Bilingual Spelling Bee

  • Winterfest

  • Pajama Day

  • Read-a-Thon & Scholastic Book Fair

  • Parents’ Soirée/Social

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Science Day

  • Middle School Dance

  • Fête de la Musique

  • Grandparents' Day Breakfast