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Ophelie Minnigerode

Preschool French Teacher

Meet Ophelie, the extraordinary French teacher with an impressive two-decade career in elementary and preschool education. Born in the romantic city of Paris and raised amidst the beauty of Nantes in France, Ophelie's passion for teaching has taken her on a journey across continents.

With a master's degree in literature and education, Ophelie has honed her expertise through academic pursuits at renowned institutions such as the University of Birmingham in the UK, Pennsylvania in the USA, and even UCLA where she excelled in her ECE studies.

Having dedicated several years to teaching in public schools in France, Ophelie decided to embark on an exciting chapter in the United States. She commenced her American adventure at the prestigious Lycée Français in sunny San Diego before making her mark at the French Immersion school of Washington in vibrant Seattle. Since 2022, she has found her joyous place within the Orange County team, where she continues to inspire young minds.

When she's not illuminating the classroom with her teaching prowess, Ophelie finds solace wherever her beloved family is. Whether it's cherishing moments of relaxation at home, basking in the sun on the beach, or immersing herself in the wonders of a national park, Ophelie values the importance of quality time.

Ophelie Minnigerode
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