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Nelson Colunga-Hernandez

Campus & Class Assistant

Nelson is a passionate Campus Assistant who joined our team in September 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience and dedication to our community. 

He holds a Bachelor's degree in French Language and Literature with a Minor in Art History from UCI. His academic journey has equipped him with a deep understanding of French language and culture, making him a great fit for our school. 

Nelson has been actively engaged in the education field for an extended period, with his journey commencing during his high school senior year when he volunteered at a local elementary school's after-school daycare program. Throughout his four years of studies at UCI, he dedicated his free time to offering tutoring services. Post-graduation, he invested over two years as a behavior technician, specializing in working with special needs children. In total, his experience in the education field spans approximately seven years.

In addition to holding a Bachelor's degree, Nelson boasts a remarkable multilingual proficiency, fluently speaking Spanish, English, and French. This linguistic versatility not only reflects his dedication to academic achievement but also highlights his commitment to fostering cross-cultural connections within our community.

Apart from his work responsibilities, Nelson finds joy in drawing, playing video games alongside his younger brother, and participating in family baking sessions.

Nelson Colunga-Hernandez
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