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Natacha Poirel

6th Grade French Teacher

Introducing Natacha, our vibrant 6th Grade French teacher at the International School of OC. Hailing from the sunny climes of southern France, near Marseille, Natacha brings a rich cultural background and a wealth of teaching experience to our school.

With a teaching career that spans over 16 years, Natacha has honed her pedagogical skills in diverse settings, including the Lycée Français in Munich and Singapore. This international exposure has given her a unique perspective on education, which she leverages to create an engaging and inclusive classroom environment.

Natacha holds a Master's degree in Biochemistry and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Her academic prowess and professional credentials underscore her commitment to delivering high-quality education.

One of Natacha's distinctive teaching methods involves integrating theatre into her projects. This innovative approach not only makes learning fun but also helps students develop their creativity and communication skills.

Away from the classroom, Natacha leads an active lifestyle. She enjoys hiking with her family, spending time at the beach, and occasionally indulging in some relaxation. A lifelong accordion player, Natacha often infuses her love for music into her teaching, making her classes both educational and entertaining.

Natacha's extensive experience, dynamic teaching style, and passion for French culture make her a cherished member of our educational community, inspiring our 6th graders to embrace the beauty of the French language and culture.

Natacha Poirel
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