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Maira Perez

Campus Assistant

Meet Maira, our lovely new campus assistant at Internationale School of OC.

Maira not only possesses a solid foundation with 6 ECE units but also brings an extensive seven years of invaluable experience in the field of education to our community. Her wealth of knowledge and dedication are evident in her impressive credentials, reflecting a commitment to excellence that greatly enhances our educational environment. Maira's passion for nurturing young minds and fostering a positive learning atmosphere further establishes her as a remarkable addition to our team.

In terms of language proficiency, Maira excels in English, demonstrating clear and eloquent communication. Her linguistic finesse adds an extra layer to her skill set, enriching the overall communicative experience within our educational community.

Beyond her professional commitments, Maira channels her creativity into crafting birthday parties and wedding invitations during her free time - finding immense joy in exploring her artistic side through these endeavors.

Maira Perez
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