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Lovleen Grewal

Trustee, Board Member, and PA Liaison

Trustee, Board Member, and PA Liaison: 2023 to present (expires 2024)

Current Employment: Marketing Coordinator, Real Estate Agent

Education: University of Toronto

Affiliations: Outreach Associate for the Metis Foundation. A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization directed toward aiding in Advancement of Military Medical Research. PA member and Grade Level Representative at Sage Hill High School (2022-present); ISOC 3rd Grade Class Liaison (present); PA President International School of Orange (September 2021-June 2023)

Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi

Bio: Lovleen, a Canadian native now residing in North Tustin with her husband and three sons, embodies a strong commitment to her community and a genuine passion for philanthropy. One of the standout aspects of Lovleen's journey is her pursuit of educational excellence for her children. By enrolling her second child 3 years ago at International School of Orange and planning to send her youngest son there as well, she emphasizes the importance of quality education and the opportunities it can provide. This choice also reflects her deep belief in investing in her children's growth and development.As part of her personal and professional growth, Lovleen is diligently working towards her REALTOR® affiliation while also pursuing the prestigious Graduate REALTOR® Institute Designation. Her drive to excel in the real estate field is matched only by her desire to give back to the community that she holds dear.Beyond her professional aspirations, Lovleen's heartfelt connection to philanthropy underscores her character. Her enthusiasm to continue collaborating with iSchoolOC families showcases her dedication to fostering positive relationships and making a meaningful impact.

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