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This Year Annual Giving Campaign is an exceptional opportunity for all donors to make a lasting impact on our school by contributing to our Virtual Wall. As we celebrate our third year of independence, this year's campaign holds immense significance in securing the future prosperity of our school.

Recognizing the generosity of our donors and their vital role in fulfilling our mission is crucial to the success of our Annual Giving Campaign. The support received from donors at every giving level instills hope for a prosperous future for our school. On behalf of our school community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our donors who are ensuring a strong foundation for our school this year.

Fellow Circle
Giving Level: $2,024 and above

Ingalls Family

Feghali Family

Grewal Family

Sharyn Kerr

Amy Tamayo-Smith

Madison Family

Loyalty Circle
Giving Level: $1,000 - $2,023

Kincade Family

De Semir Family

Shamlou Family

Kroll Family

Frederique Bauer

Mahoney Dominguez Family

Supporter Circle
Giving Level: $100 - $999

Christèle Demuro

Susan Klaren

Gilles Olivier

Dimetria Jackson

Daniel Dodgen

Stan Smith

Howe Family

Minnigerode Family

Lazarova Family

Matt Ma

Kublay Family

Jean-Claude Guiol

Ortega Family

Schwaner Family

Leitner Family

Sand Family

Donnelly Family

Manack Family

Boubeker Family

Uong Family

Smith Family

Petrovas Family

Paiva Family

Alphonse Nguyen

Clarke Family

Brown Family

Raja Family

Hayes Family

Jones-Provins Family

Svelta Kibota

Neigher Family


Banimahd Family


Anonymous Family


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