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 This Founding Year Campaign is an exceptional chance for all donors to leave their mark at our school forever by laying their brick on our Virtual Founders Wall. This year’s campaign is crucial to ensuring the future prosperity of our school as it marks our first year as an independent school. 


Recognizing the generosity of our donors and their importance in helping us fulfill our mission is an important piece in the success of our Annul Giving Campaign. The support of our donors at each giving level gives us hope of a successful future for our school. On behalf of our school community, we want to sincerely thank all our donors who are ensuring a solid foundation for our school this year.

Fellow Circle
Giving Level: $2,023 and above

Ciastkowski Family

Chau Family

Smith Family

Loyalty Circle
Giving Level: $1,000 - $2,022

Mamaev Family

Shamlou Family

Raja Family

Lazarova Family

Stricher Family

Ingalls Family

Younis Family

Kroll Family

Grewal Family

Ignacio Family

Kincade Family

Supporter Circle
Giving Level: $100 - $999

Pierce Family

Djigouadi Family

Howe Family

Manack Family

Mulford Family

Stabile Family

Klaren Family

Jaramillo Family

Safari Kivi Family

Ibtissem Djigouadi Family

Demuro Family

Schwaner Family

Iryshe Family

Nguyen Family

Kelly Family

Bell Family

Park Family

Pelone Family

Kang Family

Sand Family

Leitner Family

Kudrjasova Family

Kang Family

Minnigerode Family

Banimahd Family

Clarke Family

Nguyen Family

Gardezi Family

Simon Family

Soueid Family

Olivier Family

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