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Stephanie Hochet

Kindergarten French Teacher

Introducing Stephanie, our absolutely delightful French teacher for the adorable little ones in Kinder!

Stephanie is adorned with a prestigious license in psychology and a master's degree in the sciences of education - both earned in France. She has graced our school with her exceptional presence for two delightful years, yet her teaching journey spans a remarkable 22 years, showcasing her unwavering commitment and expertise in the art of education.

Her fluency in French is a testament to her linguistic finesse, creating a truly immersive and captivating learning experience for our students.

In her usual routine, she delights in being either above or below the water, indulging in activities like diving or kitesurfing. However, due to the local water being too cold, she has transitioned back to land-based pursuits! She engages in a wide array of activities such as Kundalini, indoor sports, pottery, or rollerblading. Additionally, she takes joy in exploring the surroundings, expressing gratitude for the beauty that envelops her.

Stephanie Hochet
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