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Jean Claude Guiol

4th & 5th Grade French Teacher

Meet Jean-Claude, the exceptional 4th & 5th Grade French Teacher at the International School of Orange County. Born and raised in the picturesque city of Nice in the south east of France, Jean-Claude brings a rich cultural heritage and a deep love for the French language to his classroom.

In addition to his dedication to education, Jean-Claude is a loving husband and father of three wonderful children. His eldest daughter Alicia is 27, followed by Thibault, who is 20, and the youngest, Matt, who is 13. With a strong family foundation, Jean-Claude understands the importance of nurturing and supporting each student in their individual journey.

Jean-Claude holds a Master's Degree in EFE (teaching French abroad), equipping him with specialized skills to effectively educate students from diverse backgrounds. He also possesses a Bachelor's Degree in French History, allowing him to infuse his lessons with fascinating historical context. Since joining the International School of Orange County in 2005, Jean-Claude has been an integral part of the school community. His years of experience have honed his teaching methodology, enabling him to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment for his students.

When he's not shaping young minds, Jean-Claude indulges in his passions outside the classroom. A voracious reader, he enjoys immersing himself in literature from various genres and time periods. Cooking is another creative outlet that brings him joy, as he explores the intricate flavors and techniques of French cuisine. Additionally, he finds solace in jogging, when not hindered by the occasional injury, as it allows him to unwind and stay physically active.

Jean-Claude is not only fluent in French but also possesses a strong command of the English language. This linguistic versatility enables him to effectively communicate with students, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of both languages. In the presence of Jean-Claude, students can expect a nurturing and immersive French learning experience. With his passion for teaching, rich cultural background, and commitment to student growth, Jean-Claude creates an environment where every student can thrive.

Jean Claude Guiol
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