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Erin Carson

1st & 2nd Grade English Teacher

Meet Erin, our dedicated 1st and 2nd grade English teacher here at the International School of OC. With her K-8 teaching credentials from both Arizona and California, along with her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, Erin brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Embarking on her 6th year with us and her 13th year in the education field overall, Erin has been an integral part of our institution since 2018. Her passion for teaching and her commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment are evident in her work every day.

While English is her primary language, Erin also has a basic understanding of French and Spanish, adding a touch of multiculturalism to her teaching approach that aligns perfectly with our international ethos.

When she isn't teaching, Erin enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, supporting her children at their activities, and relaxing at the beach. She is also an avid reader, often instilling her love for books in her students.

Erin's dedication to her students' development and her commitment to excellence make her a valuable member of our educational community.

Erin Carson
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