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Corrin Pilkington

Human Resources & Business Manager

Bonjour to our newest member, Corrin Pilkington! She will be taking on the roles of human resources and business management at our school.

Corrin brings a wealth of experience in Human Resources and Business Management, backed by her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Cal State University. Her journey into these fields began during her college years, where she first explored her interest. Starting with her alma mater's admissions office, Corrin gained valuable experience before expanding her career into human resources and accounting.

Her diverse linguistic abilities include proficiency in English, with a foundation in French from middle, high school, and college, as well as some knowledge of Spanish. This linguistic versatility enriches her communication skills and broadens her cultural understanding.

Outside of work, Corrin is a dedicated mother to a high school senior, balancing her professional life with her family responsibilities. Her hobbies include gardening, enjoying movies, socializing with friends, and indulging her passion for Formula 1 racing. Corrin's multifaceted experiences and interests make her a valuable addition to our team, and her dedication and enthusiasm will undoubtedly enhance our capabilities.

Corrin Pilkington
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