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Tiphaine Untalan

Marketing & Admissions Manager

Introducing Tiphaine, the dynamic Marketing & Admissions Manager at the International School of Orange County. With an international background and a wealth of experience in business, Tiphaine brings a global perspective to her role.

Tiphaine was born and raised in the vibrant city of Nimes, France. She pursued her academic journey at HEC Montreal in Canada, earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing/Logistics.

Throughout her career, Tiphaine has had the opportunity to work in various places around the world, including France, London, Montreal, Texas, and now California. With fluency in French, English, and a sprinkle of Spanish, Tiphaine embraces multiculturalism and communicates with diverse audiences. She has been part of the community since 2022.

When Tiphaine isn't immersed in her work at the school, she leads an active and adventurous lifestyle. You might find her lifting weights at the gym, pushing herself to new physical heights, or cruising the scenic roads of Southern California on her trusty Harley Davidson. In her downtime, she cherishes moments spent with her Friefighter husband and their adorable Pittie named Ollie, creating memories and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Tiphaine Untalan
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