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Movie Making: Star Wars Claymation Galaxy & Marvel vs. DC Animation

For 2nd to 5th graders, provided by Movies by Kids

This class will be split into two 8 week sessions.


Are you fascinated by the story & characters of the Star Wars movies? In this creative class, students will get to design and build their own unique aliens, Jedi Knights, Sith lords, or anything their imagination can think of. Once the characters are complete, Students will utilize iPods to bring their masterpieces to life using the art of stop-motion-animation. After the filming is complete, they will choose their music and supply the voice-over. All projects will be available to view and download.

MARVEL vs DC ANIMATION Do you like Captain America, Black Widow, Spiderman, and Hulk?  or do you prefer Superman, Batman, Flash, or Wonder Woman?  We want to know who is better!  Join Movies By Kids in this classic mash-up class where students will create and animate their own superhero movies using the art of stop-motion animation. The class starts with creating your own Marvel or DC hero or super villain.  Students will then create the stories, film the movie, and become the voices for all the characters.   By the end of class, you will have created your own animated superhero movie as well as answer the question of which universe is better – Marvel or DC.  All movies will be available to view and download.

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