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Maintaining a Sense of Normalcy

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

If nothing else, the current campus closure has made us rethink and reimagine the way we see and implement our learning on a daily basis. When our e-Learning plan was first unveiled, the priority was for our students to experience no interruption in their learning path and for our faculty to continue teaching our full bilingual curriculum. As the days went by, the importance of what happens outside of the classroom in creating a unique school environment became even more evident in these unprecedented times.

With the help of our campus assistants, we were able to offer fun and creative daily classes using each of their unique talents, such as creative writing, origami, PE, song and dance, storytime, and Spanish. While it was important to break up our students’ routine with enriching activities, it was just as essential for them to interact with staff members they love and could no longer see in person. Our students in 1st grade and up were even able to connect and chat with Alphonse, our IT Specialist and Operations Manager, in a special “Take a Break with Alphonse” class. Though recent events turned our students’ lives upside down in a matter of days, ensuring our students’ well-being as they navigate these challenging times has always guided our vision of what remote learning should be. Hopefully, keeping these human connections alive within our community – even virtually – has also contributed to maintaining a sense of normalcy for them all.

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