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It’s good to be back!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

After welcoming our preschoolers and pre-K students back on campus on August 26th, it was a happy surprise to see our school waiver approved by the county, allowing us to open the campus to the rest of our students for in-person learning as early as September 16.

It was certainly a second “First Day of School” for our students who were extremely happy to be back on campus and be reunited with their classmates and friends. Although they came back to a different school environment, and new routines, the most important thing that binds us all together was still there: our sense of community.

We are grateful for our families who adjusted with ease to our modified school drop-off and pick-up procedure. Each student is now welcomed by one of our staff members who checks their temperature, and ensures they sanitize their hands. They are then escorted to their classroom to start their day. Everyone’s hard work but also our families’ collaboration definitely helped establish the new procedures seamlessly.

While some of the students were a bit nervous after so many weeks out of school, all nervousness seemed to have gone away by first recess. Just like it was the case for our preschoolers and pre-Kindergarten students, it was surprising to see how well all of them adjusted to the new rules. Assisted by our staff and faculty, they were all understanding and eager to follow the new procedures. Staggered lunch and recess time have allowed us to maintain our students’ schedules and time spent outdoors. With our large classrooms, and small number of students per class, we were able to welcome our students while maintaining social distancing and all safety guidelines.

To accommodate our families who wish to remain at home, all our classrooms are equipped with 360 cameras that follow the voice of the teachers for an immersive and interactive experience. Our students enjoy live streaming of all of their classes and are able to still connect with their teachers and classmates on a daily basis.

Once again, we are so grateful to our community for making our return to in-person learning so easy. We look forward to seeing what this school year has to offer and watch our students learn and grow.

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