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Halloween Celebrations at iSchoolOC: A Spooktacular Experience!

This year, Halloween at iSchoolOC was an event to remember! Our school community came together to create a day filled with frightful fun and memorable moments. From our library turned spooky maze to our pumpkin carving contest, the spirit of Halloween was alive and well within our school walls.

The Library Labyrinth

Our Parent Association put their creative talents to work, transforming our quiet library into a thrilling, spine-tingling maze. Stacked books became winding pathways, and cobwebs hung from every corner. The flicker of faux candles cast eerie shadows, creating a perfectly spooky atmosphere for our students to explore. It was an enchanting sight to behold and a testament to our parents' dedication and creativity.

Game Booths Galore

In addition to the spooky maze, our Parent Association set up various game booths. From "Pin the Spider on the Web" to a "Witch Hat Ring Toss," each game was designed to be both fun and challenging. The laughter and cheers echoing through the halls were proof enough of their success.

The Halloween Parade

One of the highlights of the day was undoubtedly the Halloween parade. Students from all classes dressed up in their Halloween best and strutted their stuff, showing off their costumes to the delight of their peers. From adorable animals to classic Halloween monsters, the variety and creativity of the costumes were truly impressive.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Teachers and students participated in a pumpkin carving and drawing contest, showcasing their artistic skills. The result was an array of pumpkins, each with unique designs ranging from scary faces to intricate patterns. It was a tough competition, but in the end, every pumpkin was a winner in its own right.

This year's Halloween celebration at iSchoolOC truly embodied our school's spirit of community, creativity, and fun. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and a little bit of spooky magic. We can't wait to see what next year's Halloween will bring!

Stay tuned for more updates from our vibrant school community at iSchoolOC.

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