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Galette des Rois Celebration at the International School of Orange County

Crazy Hair and Galette des Rois celebrations filled our students’ day with fun events last Friday. As everyone on campus was encouraged to wear crazy hair as part of our Student Council’s fun Fridays, each of our classes also gathered to share a piece of Galette des Rois, a French almond-based pie which celebrates Epiphany - the day the Three Kings (les rois) visited the infant Jesus. The pastry is baked and eaten throughout the month of January in France. Traditionally, it’s a way for the French to conclude the Holiday season with one last celebration and an invitation to gather and share a delicious dessert with friends and family.

True to its mission to not only transmit the French language but also the culture surrounding it, the International School of Orange County organized a school-wide celebration. Each pie includes a sujet (small trinket) and whoever finds it in their slice is the King or Queen for the day. In short, our students learned all about a fun French tradition while enjoying a slice of delicious pie. Our lucky winners had the chance to feel special and wear a crown for the rest of the day! Each teacher who hosted the celebration in their class took the opportunity to educate the children on French baking and French traditions, while our youngest students from Preschool, pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten created their own crown during arts and crafts projects. One of the many reasons the International School of Orange County is so unique in our SoCal school landscape!

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