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Francophonie in the spotlight at the International School of Orange County

Friday, April 5 was a special day for our school as we celebrated Francophonie, which in French means the network of nations around the world whose populations speak French. For weeks, all our students from preschool to 8th grade worked on creating a display board, gathering cultural objects and preparing arts and crafts activities related to the country that was assigned to their class. From Mali to Morocco, Switzerland, Vietnam or Burkina Faso, a total of 10 countries were represented during the festival.

It was an opportunity for our students to not only learn about the culture, history and geography of these nations but also to truly grasp the influence and importance of the French language and culture all over the world. On the day of the event, every class had the chance to visit each other’s booths to enjoy the beautiful artworks and activities put together by our students and teachers. They were later joined by their parents who also got to experience the festival throughout the afternoon.

It was for our students and entire community a great reminder of the long-term benefits that a bilingual education at the International School of Orange County will bring to their lives and the many doors it will certainly open in the future. Thank you to our teachers and students for organizing such a beautiful event!

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