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A memorable Grandparents’ Day Breakfast

Last month, our school hosted a Grandparents’ Day Breakfast, continuing a tradition started last year. This year, we were happy to see even more grandparents participate!

We started the day with a delicious French-inspired breakfast followed by a presentation of our bilingual program and approach to education by Campus Director Franck Reynaud. Our grandparents were captivated by how unique our school is and loved learning all about the benefits of bilingual education. It was particularly interesting to see them share their native language and culture as everyone in the audience realized just how international and diverse our community truly is. To conclude the event, our guests visited their grandchildren in their classrooms. Some of the grandparents in the preschool, pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes enjoyed being story time hosts for one morning, while grandparents in the older grades shared their family’s story and culture or participated in a special project designed by the teachers.

The entire day was a true reflection of our community - warm, multicultural, and convivial! It was such a delight to see our grandparents with huge smiles on their face and our students share their school life with great excitement. A big thank you all the Grandparents who took the time to visit us that day and make this event a memorable one for our entire community!

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