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Open minds are global minds
Esprit ouvert, esprit global

Preschool through Kindergarten curriculum adapts the French Ministry of Education’s official program to the bicultural and bilingual context. The overall goal is to allow children to grow in a happy environment where they will acquire a healthy desire for knowledge. The principal anchors of our program are:

  • Developing communication skills through language (speech and comprehension) and through behavior in a social context

  • Developing body and mind through physical education and artistic activities (dancing, singing, drawing, etc.)

  • Enhancing interest and natural curiosity through field trips, hands-on projects, and group work

Please note that all incoming students must be potty-trained before starting school.

The French early learning system uses a three center approach for learning:

Direct Instruction

The teacher demonstrates how to complete an activity or task to a small group of students and instructs them on the steps as they attempt to replicate the task.

Guided Instruction

The students work on an activity or task and receive assistance from the teacher's aid when needed.

Autonomous Learning

The students work on an activity or task autonomously demonstrating their mastery of the skills 

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