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Shahinda Abdo

Campus & Class Assistant

Meet Shahinda, our dedicated Campus Assistant at iSchoolOC. Shahinda has been with us since January 2023, bringing with her an extensive background in the education field that dates back to 2016.

Holding a license française in French Literature, Shahinda is a passionate advocate for language and literature. She is multilingual, comfortably speaking French, English, and Arabic, and often uses these skills to connect with our diverse student body.

Beyond her work, Shahinda is an avid walker and reader. She believes that walking serves as a great opportunity for her to clear her mind and gather her thoughts. Her love for reading aligns perfectly with her passion for languages and literature, making her a perfect fit for our school environment.

Shahinda's diverse set of skills, combined with her dedication and passion for education, make her a valuable asset to the iSchoolOC community.

Shahinda Abdo
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